Facebook Users Like to Say the F-Word


According to information collected from the Facebook walls of more than 30,000 users by social media monitoring service Reppler, Facebookers are largely kind of a profane bunch. That is to say, nearly half of them have some obscenity or another on their walls, and 80 percent have at least one profane post or comment from a friend. Half of posts and comments using profanity come from friends. (If your enemies talk to you like that you should probably unfriend them.)

Other interesting stats: Users are twice as likely to put profanity in a post on their wall as opposed to a comment, and friends are twice as likely to put profanity in a comment as opposed to a post.

“Fuck” and its many derivations are the most popular Facebook cursewords. “Shit” is second, and “bitch” comes in third. Noted.

47% of Facebook Users Have Profanity on Their Wall [Reppler]