Wait a sec—didn’t Gen Art file for bankruptcy? Yes, it did. But now, a year later, the experimental arts and entertainment group is back and ready to relaunch with the return of its week-long Gen Arts Film Festival, seven nights of films by emerging filmmakers, fabulous after-parties, and excellent celebrity spotting at venues all over town. The 16th annual festival kicks off tonight at the Ziegfeld with the debut film by 35-year-old director Jonathan Sobol, A Beginner’s Guide to Endings, a comedy about three brothers whose father (Harvey Keitel) informs them they only have a few days left to live due to an unsafe drug test he exposed them to as children for money. Other films include Victoria Mahoney’s Yelling to the Sky, J.C. Khoury’s The Pill, and Matt D’Elia’s American Animal.

June 8-14, 2011