Madonna Was Into Traci Lords’ Pornography


This is an oldie but goodie:

In the early 1990s, Madonna was preparing to do her infamous Sex book — a classic of ecdysiastical literature — and wanted to be inspired by the copious porn achievements of blond vixen Traci Lords.

The problem is that Traci had been underage when she did the porn, and when that fact emerged, every stitch of it was removed from the market as if it were tainted Tylenols.

But when Madonna wants something, her little paws get ahold of it as surely as she’s British royalty.

The superstar singer’s manager called around and got ahold of Lonn Friend, who worked for Hustler — and who has a new memoir called Sweet Demotion: How an Almost Famous Rock Journalist Lost Everything and Found Himself (Almost).

Lonn happened to have access to the stuff, sent it over, and it obviously did the trick, as it were.

Madonna ended up sending him a copy of the Sex book with a personal thank-you note.