Oprah’s Show Is Bye Bye! Which Was Your Favorite One?


“THANK YOU!” blares the headline on Oprah Winfrey‘s monthly magazine.

But I have to step up and say, “No, Oprah, my close personal friend! Thank you!”

For the years of gab, chatter, talk, giveaways, celebs, and more gab, chatter, and talk.

So which was your favorite Oprah:

*Tom Cruise jumping up and down until his career ended.

*Tyler Perry actually admitting it! That he was abused!

*The Sound of Music reunion. (Just the opening bars of “Edelweiss” and I was a wet noodle.)

*The Gayle and Oprah road trips. Touching.

*Or the first giveaway show, during which you sat home thinking, “Glad it’s not me! I won’t have to pay all that tax!”

If you answer me, I will THANK YOU!!!!