Singers Are Actually Doing Their Own Singing Nowadays!


Let me explain:

For years, a lot of singers have been Auto-Tuned to death, but still could never get beyond a certain level of distinction, so they’d be filtered in under a “guiding track” by a studio singer who’s better at it than the star.

So when you listened to a song by “so-and-so,” it was actually just so-and-so’s pitch-improved voice layered under the expert vocals of an anonymous session chanteuse, forming an aural layer cake that fed you the illusion of uniformly strong musicality.

But now it’s just so-and-so herself, with no other human backing!

Thanks to technology that can totally distort their voices to make them sound decent!

You see, sound-adjusting technology has gotten so advanced — and less computerized-sounding — that they can take the star’s (often shitty) voice and make it positively stellar.

It’s all thanks to an aide called Melodyne.

And a lot of stars would rather be helped by a magical application like that than by another, more talented female.

Most of them probably don’t even realize what’s happening anyway.

They listen to the final track and beam, “Damn, I’m good! A really natural talent.”