Download: K-Holes’ Lumbering, Lurching “Native Tongues”


A demented mish-mash of local nogoodniks (members come from Bezoar, Georgiana Starlington and YIMBY alumni Golden Triangle), K-Holes is a sleazy, late-night group grope–touchstones include the most lascivious points of Birthday Party, Lubricated Goat, early Butthole Surfers or the recently reunited trash-rockers The Scientists. Via its five members–Cha Cha Con, Junglaya, Bam Bam, Sax 5th Ave and Creepy D–their sound is all stumbling tom-toms, orgiastic screams and porn-stache saxophone wail. Essentially, they’re a perfect mix of Pink Flamingos and Blue Velvet. Their self-titled debut (out now via HoZac) is an icky good time where you may have to duck shouts of “I’m gonna chew you like a piece of meat, and the opening track “Native Tongues” is a drunken stomp that combines a leper’s lurch with ghost wails and a lumbering leeriness that needs to keep its distance.

Download: [audio-1]

Q&A: K-Holes on “Native Tongues”

What is “Native Tongues” about?

Vashti Windish: It’s about smoking peyote with the spirit of a chief and learning language through your skin, which then sends you into a trance where you chant with your guts.

Julie Hines: We have epic practice nights; it sorta just happened one really late night. We had it on tape and forgot about until months later when we accidentally heard it and brought it back from the grave.

Do you guys have any good stories from within actual K-holes?

Jack Hines: Once I was in a boxcar in a K-hole and then was introduced to the governor and watched the Macy’s Day Parade… True story.

Whats your favorite sax sound on any record ever?

Sara Villard: We like “Harlem Nocturne” by the Viscounts.

What’s your favorite place to eat in New York City?

Windish: The streets… haha. Jack likes McDonalds on Delancey, Julie likes Great Jones. There are too many great places.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in NYC?

Windish: We don’t like the past. Our most memorable will be June 25th with Call of the Wild.

K-Holes play Union Pool on June 25th with Call Of The Wild, Violent Bullshit and Heavenly Blows.