Dr. Oz Giving Away Free Cab Rides From 4 to 6 Today


Stations have resisted putting anything that they want to do well up against The Oprah Winfrey Show because, well — Oprah always wins. But since Oprah’s last show yesterday, networks are scrambling to hold the attention of one of the largest audiences in the country. Dr. Oz, a friend of Oprah’s, is Fox’s new 4 p.m. time-slot holder and is going to do everything in his power to take up some of O’s audience share. Therefore, Dr. Oz is giving away free cab rides today in an effort to advertise his show’s move to 4 p.m.

According to Dr. Oz’s website:

The cabs will leave from various staging areas in Manhattan, including major points such as Grand Central, Penn Station, Rockefeller Center, the Flatiron Building, Columbus Circle, Bloomingdales, and in Harlem at St. Nicholas between West 125th and 126th Streets. At three of these posts — Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, and Harlem — commuters will even have the opportunity to have their blood pressure taken, checking the pulse of what a real New York City rush hour does to the body.

There are over 400 Oz-themed cabs up for grabs today. Dr. Oz will actually ride in some of them himself with passengers and give out free medical advice. Sounds like malpractice to us! No, seriously, what a mensch!

The cynical part of us wonders, though, what this means for the mystery of the disappearing 5 p.m. cab. Four to five o’clock is conventionally the time that cabbies change shifts, and a time in which it’s extra-hard to find cabs. If you get an Oz-cab, please, let us know how it goes!