Everybody Is Making Posters About Their Boroughs Now! Updated


Dear Everyone,

Continuing in the printed fun begun by a Brooklyn print shop hatin’ on Manhattan and a Manhattanite hatin’ back, we have more graphic fun! Everyone wants to represent their borough! Everybody wants in on the action! We are a wordy, poster-happy peoples. Laughing Squid offers up the one at right, from Dog and Pony Show, representing the borough left behind:

Aw, Staten Island! You’re so cute sometimes.

And this one, from Mari Sheibley, has apparently existed for a while now, also via Laughing Squid. Though we’re not exactly sure what it means, or what color we should be wearing this season. Or is it that borough-pride posters are the new black?

Granted, this is the silliest and nerdiest fight in the history of Brooklyn v. Manhattan v. Staten Island v. Queens? v. Bronx? (where are you guys?) warfare, but it is sort of amusing. As a commenter writes, “This is hilarious. I thought only silly Southern towns had such rivalries.”

In true meta blog fashion, Brooklyn 365 offers up this one.

Is that Comic Sans Serif? Anyone else wanna send us your takes?



Update! An entry from Queens, via NBC NY/The 20: