Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Is 99 Cents At Amazon Again


If you missed Monday’s super-deep discounting of the MP3 version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way over at Amazon–whether due to the retailer’s server-capacity problems or your calendar being full–the retailer has put the album back on sale for the day. Lest you think this is all part of a ploy by Gaga’s people to push the album’s first-week sales totals over the platinum mark/ahead of the tally Taylor Swift’s Speak Now notched in its first week last fall, a letter from her manager to inexplicably respected “music pundit” Bob Lefsetz* that was sent earlier this week noted in part that the loss-leading strategy was all Amazon’s idea:

Although we weren’t aware of Amazon’s deal that they were offering, I applaud them for their efforts. Anytime we can get people to purchase music legally, it’s a good thing for the business. I’m sure they’ll be better prepared the next time they do such an offering.

Well, hey, the “next time” is here! Will they be better prepared, or will the servers go down again, continuing the week of stars slaying online outposts (did you see what happened to Twitter during the Oprah finale yesterday?)? Stay tuned!

* “Inexplicably respected” because his business acumen seems to amount to “artists who I find ‘authentic’ are doing everything right; pop music sucks and is therefore wrong all the time, unless we’re talking about pop music from when I was young, in which case BEST STUFF EVER.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t have him in mind when I wrote that piece about Adele and the fallacy of “realness” earlier this week!