Lil Wayne Gets In On Slow Jam Thursday With “How To Love”


OK, technically it’s Slow Jam Wednesday-Night-To-Thursday, what with Beyoncé debuting her brassy ballad “1+1” on last night’s Idol, the Weeknd dropping “Rolling Stone” later in the evening, and this Pusha T remix of Miguel’s sinuous, everything-ruling “Sure Thing” dropping this AM. But Lil Wayne’s “How To Love,” which is being pulled down from YouTube left and right but which is for now intact at Rap Radar, will probably be floating out of the most cars this summer. This is because the Detail-produced track kind of sounds like… a slightly tougher “I’m Yours”? With a lightly Autotuned Wayne singing over it and the occasional splotch of burned-out synth? This description makes it sound awful, I know, but it’s actually quite sweet and catchy.