Octavia’s Porch Gives up the Ghost


It’s been quite a week for East Village restaurant closings: Nicky’s Pho fell victim to a bad location, Lingua shuttered after only two months, and now comes the news that Octavia’s Porch has given up the ghost, too.

EV Grieve reports that there is now a sign hanging in the six-month-old restaurant’s window informing customers of the closure. While sad, it isn’t entirely surprising: The “Global Jewish” cuisine that Nikki Cascone served there met with mixed reviews — after noting its lackluster latkes and “bland, gummy” buckwheat tagliatelle, Lauren Shockey concluded that “Octavia’s Porch is little more than an exercise in mishigas.” Some of the locals even disapproved of the restaurant’s name, which is a reference to Rome’s former Jewish ghetto.

This is the second restaurant that Cascone, a former Top Chef contestant, has closed in as many years: Last summer, she pulled the plug on 24 Prince. She may not have been entirely to blame for this one. As Grieve notes, 40 Avenue B seems to be a jinxed spot, having hosted a succession of hastily opened and closed restaurants in the past few years. Perhaps it would have better luck as a bank branch.