The “Failing Upward” Syndrome Is Finally Failing Downward


For years, pop tarts and other messy celebrities would get bigger every time they screwed up in public.

Their travails with the law garnered them huge coverage and only seemed to increase their career visibility, a bizarre result of what we call “failing upward.”

But finally that trend has been flushed down the toilet along with any chance at prestige or respectability for these self-defeating stars.

I’m aware that Chris Brown got his first number-one album after smashing a window, but he’s the exception to every rule.

Otherwise, Mel Gibson‘s career has been raped by all the people he fears.

Charlie Sheen violently torpedoed his own employability thanks to a series of missteps that made him unfit for prime time.

Lindsay Lohan made one too many metaphorical cockies in public.

And Arnold seems to have sealed his fate as a future has-been, saying “Hasta la vista” to any potential prominence.

I’m quite certain that these people won’t recapture their former grandeur, and that’s because a price tag has finally been attached to celebrity screwing up, just like it is for us mere mortals.

Yay! Failing is a bad thing again!