Young People Would Rather Lose Sense of Smell Than Social Networks


A McCann survey of 6,000 people aged 16 to 30 found that 53 percent of respondents would rather forfeit the ability to smell than lose access to social networking websites. says that the study “identified three key factors motivating today’s youngsters — the need for connections and community, social or personal justice, and authenticity.” To put things in perspective, 67 percent of people polled said they would willfully have their genitals removed for a Klondike Bar.

Laura Simpson, Global IQ Director for McCann Worldgroup, said that, “Young people utilize technology as a kind of super-sense which connects them to infinite knowledge, friends and entertainment opportunities.” In 2011, pictures from Myrtle Beach spring break count as “infinite knowledge.”

Considering that it’s summer in New York and the sidewalks are about to turn into dog-shit hibachi grills, we’d give up sense of smell for just about anything. Even MySpace.

53% of youngsters would give up sense of smell to stay connected []