Your Commute Could Be Killing Your Marriage


Of all the factors that can lead to the dissolution of your wedded bliss — think cheating, financial issues, falling out of love, “growing apart” — the most stealthy and yet devastating may be (it’s hard to even say it): HAVING A LONG COMMUTE. This comes to us by way of a Swedish study reported in the Daily Mail, which explains that people who commute have a 40 percent greater chance of ending up divorced. (Temper this with the divorce rate in general, and the fact that most people who work probably commute in some fashion. And that commuting tends to make people unhappy.) But what’s the commuting/divorce connection, exactly?

The researchers found that in relationships in which one partner (usually the man) spent 45 minutes or more commuting, he was too tired to help around the house when he got home. Hm. Is anyone else reminded of that recent “relaxation” study which said that men could only really relax when their wives were off in other rooms doing housework and leaving them alone?

This commuting-as-an-excuse-for-laziness did bad things to a marriage, creating “a breeding ground for conflict” and making the one person who did do housework feel taken for granted. This is especially dangerous in the early years of marriage, before everyone’s gotten disgruntled and numb. The solution, then, is obvious: move closer to your job so you don’t have as long as a commute. No, just kidding: Get off your ass and help around the house when you get home! Your marriage needs you.

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