Barack Obama Uses Autopen; Dog Crawls Home on Broken Legs After Tornado; Marine Killed by Car on West Side Highway


• President Obama signed the Patriot Act (in America) from France, just hours before it was set to expire, with a special pen, i.e., it’s a machine forgery, which signs something after the president gives the approval from afar! This happens sometimes! Gasp. [Pat’s Papers]

• The G8 nations have announced a partnership with North Africa and the Middle East, “support(ing) the aspirations of the ‘Arab Spring.'” They’ve pledged up to $20 billion in aid over the next three years to support “free, democratic and tolerant societies.” [ABC]

• At this point, Russia feels Gaddhafi should leave Libya. [NPR]

• Mason, a terrier mix with two broken legs, somehow managed to crawl home two weeks after being picked up by a tornado in Alabama. Now he has a Facebook page. [LondonEveningStandard]

• In a very sad story, a 22-year-old Marine who had been in Afghanistan for nine months was killed by a car as he ran across Twelfth Avenue yesterday trying to make his 1 a.m. curfew. [NYP]

• A Park Slope couple has celebrated their 60-year wedding anniversary with a giant block party, which Marty Markowitz attended. [NYDN]

• Happy Memorial Day Friday. Today marks the opening of Governors Island. Ferry schedule here. It’s also a “free bike Friday” (borrow a bike for free for an hour). [Trust for Governors Island, NewYorkology]

• More free stuff: The Whitney is celebrating the groundbreaking of its new, future Meatpacking home and invites the public to visit the museum for free today. [Whitney]