Confirmed! Chipsy Will Sell Fried Potatoes…and Fried Twinkies and Oreos!


Earlier this week, we brought to light the advent of Chipsy and presumed that it would be offering up french fries to MacDougal Street revelers this coming summer. And now the owners have written in confirming that it will, in fact, be selling fried fare galore.

“We were inspired to create Chipsy after taking a tour of Europe in early 2010,” they explained. “Whilst on our trip, we came across a variety of fast-food restaurants that were extremely popular with locals and tourists alike and wanted to create our own spin on the idea. We spent the following weeks and months researching into both traditional and unique product ideas and developing our own signature sauces.”

Offerings will include “Chipsy” chips, fresh-cut fries, sweet potato tots, sweet potato vanilla fries, curly fries, waffle fries, and frickles, otherwise known as fried pickles. Accompanying dipping sauces will range from cheese to pineapple chili. But the tempting fare doesn’t stop there. The shop will also sell fried Twinkies and Oreos, which can be topped with whipped cream, hot fudge drizzle, or caramel drizzle. Because just frying junk food isn’t possibly decadent enough.