Dr. Oz’s Free Cab Giveaway Is Not Free for Everyone


Dr. Oz, the heir apparent to Oprah’s throne of daytime TV, gave away free cab rides to his adoring commuter fans yesterday. The promotion was an attempt to advertise his move to 4 p.m. — the most coveted daytime spot. There were also blood pressure checks and Dr. Oz even drove one of the cabs himself! As you can tell from Dr. Oz’s lean on the cab at right, the event was chock-full of enjoyment. But there’s some controversy here. An Oz-hating cabbie ruined one person’s day.

@LauraClaps had the right idea. Take the guy for all he’s worth!

Hoping I find a free cab with @droz on it when I get out of work. I’ll take that bad boy straight to Staten Island. #DontMindifiDoDrOzless 

@Mona_chaudhuri was the lucky recipient of a ride on the free Oz express but she didn’t even know who the good doctor was:

Cab driver just informed me that Dr. Oz is sponsoring cabs today until 6. Ride is free! Also who is Dr. Oz?

Here’s Dr. Oz hugging a fan in a cab!

But two of our commenters on our article from yesterday had two very different experiences:

We just knew this would happen to someone. Shame on the non-Oz-believing-cabbie! Oz will have his vengeance soon enough.