Five Songs That Could Rule This Summer (And One That You’ll Probably Listen To A Lot Anyway)


This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, the season where people–despite their best efforts–engage in communal listening thanks to power of radios blaring through cracked-open windows, propped bodega doors, and other points of entry that are cracked just wide enough to let in something resembling a breeze. The unofficial establishment of a Jam Of The Summer has been something of a fun pre-season ritual for pop watchers, who love prognosticating on matters regarding mass musical-consumption tastes. After the jump, five songs that have the bass-shaking power to be heard all over New York City this summer–and song that’ll probably get played quite a few times thanks to its seasonally appropriate theme.

Lloyd featuring Trey Songz and Young Jeezy, “Be The One”

The eternally smooth Atlanta singer released this Polow Da Don-produced track late last night. Sonically it sounds kind of like the dark side to Usher’s “Love In This Club” (which also has a Jeezy assist), but its chorus–“girl, I want to be the one to kiss you goodnight”–promises more than a cheap thrill late at night. Also, the way the synths malfunction during the beginning of Jeezy’s break is knee-weakening.

Making Friendz, “Situation”

The video’s still gross. The song’s still a ramshackle banger.

Lady Gaga, “Scheiße”

After “Umbrella” ruled radios for two straight summers (and I swear there were points this year where I heard it in more ambient situations than anything off Rihanna’s two post-Good Girl Gone Bad albums), the “summer songs should be in major keys and at least sorta, you know, sunny” rule was effectively broken. Which means that Gaga’s ode to ditching meat-market situations because they make her feel like a babbling fool and feeling empowered to have fun while dancing alone would slot very nicely into the “ladies to the front” space.

Beyoncé, “Run The World (Girls)”

There’s also this track, which has definitely had its travails since its release earlier this spring, but which sounds like an absolute monster when unleashed in a public setting. Given that the point of summer is getting outside and away from your computer as much as you possibly can, perhaps this song should serve as a reminder that getting away from that machine’s not-optimal sound systems is also a capital idea.

Mary J. Blige feat. Diddy and Lil Wayne, “Someone To Love Me (Naked)”

It could use more Mary J.–perhaps we’ll see a bucking of the remix trend and a version of the song that includes only her?–but this bit of reggae-tinged R&B has a hook that’s pretty much the equivalent of aural velcro.

And finally, in the “man, 100 listens and this is still pretty funny and it makes my friends laugh too and it’s kind of also making me reconsider how exactly my entire musical aesthetic from the ’90s was formed” department, an ode to the summer blockbuster:

The Lonely Island, “Jack Sparrow”

Now back to the good part, indeed.