Patrick Lynch, Police Union Boss, Facing Insurgent Campaign


Patrick Lynch, the powerful head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, is facing a rare insurgent campaign challenging four of his board members in the upcoming union election.

The quartet running against “Team Lynch” calls itself the “Voice of the Cops,” and accuses Lynch of failing to follow through with promises he made when he was first elected in 1999.

A cartoon on the Voice of the Cops website portrays Lynch as a “yes man,” and a puppet whose strings are pulled by Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and Governor Cuomo.

“Patrick J. Lynch/Team Lynch sold you out,” the website says. “Now you can return the favor and do it to them.”

The insurgent slate claims Lynch’s stewardship has cost police officers a series of benefits. Lynch sided with the mayor in his campaign for a third term, agreed to get rid of the 48-hour rule, agreed to add two years to the retirement date, and surrendered 50 vacation days for new hires.

“Let’s take back what belongs to us,” the website says. “The cops want to be heard and want a voice representing their membership.”

The Voice of the Cops slate includes Marco Varela and Bernaldino Padilla of the 33rd Precinct, Patrick O’Sullivan of the 71st Precinct, and Patrick Werber of the 105th Precinct.

The four men are running for the positions of second vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, and city-wide trustee. They have yet to select someone to oppose Lynch himself in the election.