The Return of Mixed Crowds!


For years, nightlife has been so niche-marketed that a bar won’t just go after gays — they’ll target 26-year-old twinks who work in retail.

But that’s all shaken up now, and the mixed crowd is finally back.

Different genders and sexualities are actually coexisting in the same room and not getting that upset about it.

Last night at Le Bain, high atop the Standard Hotel, the weekly “ZigZag” bash brought out a wide variety of human specimens.

Since promoters Erich Conrad and Sophia Lamar are known for the long-running gay Beige, some of that party’s old gang turned up.

But this was no Beige revival — far from it.

Also promoting are Kristin Gallegos and the Misshapes’ Greg K, so the resulting crowd included hipsters, Euros, straights, and at least one woman who likes anal.

Tuesdays at the same place — which is extremely weather-contingent since everyone piles onto the roof en masse — “On Top” is heavy on the freaky-deakies, but this past week I noticed more straights and/or women there than the time before.

So the mixed crowd is definitely as hot again as Teri Hatcher.

I’m thrilled — but it’ll take some getting used to.

I’d just gotten used to the niche marketing!