Free MetroCards; Gil Scott-Heron Dead at 62; Brooklyn Boy Mauled by Pit Bull


Free MetroCards at Prospect Park and the Red Hook Park baseball fields today! Free shitty single rides, that is. Call me when someone will pay for my monthly unlimited. Oh, and a bunch of subway lines will be all messed up this weekend. [Gothamist]

Spoken-word artist, poet, and musician Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday in New York at age 62. [E!]

A four-year-old boy was mauled to death last night by a pit bull in his Brooklyn apartment. The dog bit Jayelin Graham in the head and neck and he died at the hospital. Neighbors said the family’s apartment housed two pit bulls, a German shepherd, a parrot, and a snake. There used to be a rabbit but one of the dogs ate it. One neighbor told the Daily News that “The whole block is scared of that dog.” [NYDN]

Here’s a weird Times article about a woman who works for the Weber grill hotline. [NYT]

You know who loves skulls a whole lot? Meghan McCain. [Daily Intel]

Unfortunately, Michele Bachmann feels a “calling” to run for president. [AP]

President Obama’s limo, nicknamed “The Beast,” is accumulating $16 a day in congestion tolls for operating in downtown London. London’s mayor to Obama: “Could you please write me out a check for 5 million [pounds]?” [NYP]

The Missouri tornado death toll is now at 132. [Tulsa World]