Frances McDormand Stops The Show!



And I’m proud of her.

At last night’s performance of the Broadway play Good People — right at a climactic plot moment, when the audience was on the edge of their seats, waiting for information about the baby — a cell phone boldly rang in the house.

The audience gasped. The actors froze.

And the woman took the call!

Good people, indeed!

“Hello?” she screeched — though she would have been more accurate if she’d said, “I’m the dumbest pinhead in history!”

McDormand stopped in her tracks, put her arm around co-star Renee Elise Goldsberry (above), and deadpanned, “Let’s wait.”

After the unwanted bit of audience business was settled and silenced, McDormand made a rewind gesture and said to Goldsberry, “OK, ask me the question again.”

And they resumed the scene.

By the way, Nicole Kidman was in the audience, having been Oscar-nominated for Rabbit Hole, based on the play by the same author, David Lindsay-Abaire.

Was it Nicole who’d answered the phone because it was her agent calling about the Good People movie?

Nah, her phone wasn’t even on vibrate.

And I’m telling you now: When the cameras roll, Frannie had better own this part!