Backstreet Boy Makes Movie Debut


My favorite Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson, got good reviews for stepping into Chicago on Broadway a few years ago, and now he’s taken another career advance by going Indie-wood.

He co-stars in the Steve Balderson-directed The Casserole Club, a Mad Men-era glimpse into the dark side of California suburbia, digging behind all the manicured lawns and nails to find lust, competition, and misogyny.

Kevin plays a prick of a husband who feels “a man’s job is to be horny” — and he’s pretty convincing about it!

Also aboard is The L Word‘s Daniela Sea, who’s great as a desperate housewife, uttering comments like, “Jesus, the tension in here is as thick as Nixon.”

The film plays Visionfest ’11 on June 24.

Quit playing games with my heart and get a ticket.