Brooklyn Is Covered in Condoms


“Jackpot” for the Prospect Park cleaning crew over the weekend meant condoms. Wrappers and rubbers comprised much of the trash collected by the the Prospect Park Litter Mob, a volunteer group concerned with “Brooklyn’s largest remaining stretch of forest,” and their community-minded actions earned them a little New York Times feature on the City Room blog this morning. It’s racier than most city news tidbits, especially in the Times! The picker-uppers focused mainly on the Midwood section of the park, “known as a place gay men cruise for sex,” and so the army of eight filled 22 bags with trash. Among the garbage, “upwards of 2,000 condom wrappers and 600 condoms.” By our math, that means we’re missing about 1,400 used jimmy hats; either Brooklyners get environmentally conscious postcoital and decide to use trash cans, or some people have mighty strange souvenir collections. [NYT]