Freddy Caldwell Threatens to Blow Up TV Network Over Two and a Half Men Reruns


There’s reasonable, and there’s justifiable, and there’s stuff you shouldn’t do at all except you might understand why a person would, you know, just a little bit. Such is the situation of the man who just couldn’t take watching Bristol Palin dancing around on the TV one more minute and, so, shot up his TV. And, more recently, such is the situation of Freddy Caldwell, a Bronx man who became so frustrated with Two and a Half Men reruns that he called the headquarters of WPIX-11 and threatened to blow it up if the reruns continued.

It’s unclear whether what Caldwell so despised was the rerunning of the shows, or the show itself, repeated endlessly, interminably, or something else altogether, but at any rate, the calls were traced — apparently there were two separate bomb threats 12 days apart — and he has been charged with “falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment,” reports the New York Post.

What lesson may we learn from these ill-fated individuals, set adrift on a path toward violence and crime by way of bad programming? Turn off the TV and go outside, or get a hobby, or something! Does Charlie Sheen still need an intern?

Man Threatens to Blow Up WPIX-11 Over Two and a Half Men Reruns [Fishbowl via NYP]