I’ve Been Declared A “Queen Bear”


Or more specifically, “the grandmother of the Queen Bear movement”.

Here’s an excerpt from a ChristWire article on twinks vs. bears, the two groups waging a bitter internal struggle to determine the future of the gay movement, especially with regard to hair design:

“Bears tend to live in small domestic settings in the outlying districts of major urban centers. They can also be found in rural areas wherever there is a concentration of antique stores and open bodies of water. Upstate New York and New England are two common locales for their habitats.

“They are often chartered accountants, marketing analysts, journalists, and even firemen. Because of their property ownership and higher income levels, they gravitate towards quiet forms of political activism most notably in groups such as HRC, GLAAD and the Empire State Pride Agenda. They are not as subversive as their twink peers and vote democrat in great numbers.

“Notable icons in this group are Wayne Besen, leader of the boorish brigade ‘Truth Wins Out,’ gossip columnist Michael Musto (grandmother of the ‘Queen Bear’ movement), and lusty legislator Barney Frank of Massachusetts.”

By the way, I think the piece is satirical — but I’m not totally sure.

Queen Bears are so indecisive, aren’t they?