National Punch a Hipster Day Is Tomorrow, Apparently!


As inane things tend to do, the Facebook group for National Punch a Hipster Day has caught on! It is tomorrow, June 1, 2011, from 12 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. (No word on that last half an hour.) The location is listed as “Everywhere” because “The infection has spread to an epidemic.” The event is being “attended” by 8,197 people as of this writing, with another 792 marked “maybe” and 8,425 “awaiting reply.” (Not attending: 2,662 — hipsters, undoubtedly.) “Need I say more?” says the community page, as distinct from the event page. “All ya gotta do is punch a hipster (so long as you know I’m not at fault).” This does not appear to be parody.

Here’s more from the ringleader, who is admittedly concerned about his or her culpability. Sic throughout:

Spread the word. Summer is coming, concerts are brewing, and the hipsters are flocking. Get more people to like this page and once we hit 500 the official youtube sight will be launched! GET TO IT! Our summer is depending on you!!

People seem pretty into this!

“I hate all kinds of Hipsters they suck,” says Robert Brown, who nonetheless gave the loosely defined subculture proper noun status. “[M]y hand is gonna be a hurtin tomorrow!!!” Dennis Sergel chimed in.

There are cynics though, presumably because this is an epidemic: “Every one who is posting in support is a hipster. This is a hipster created hipster hating event! Hipsters are so hipster that they think hipsters are uncool!”

And then there are true believers. We’ll just leave this here: