Subway Adds Avocado; Servers Go Sans Pad


Subway will add avocado as a premium seasonal topping for a limited time. In addition to special sandwiches like a turkey and bacon avocado sub and BLT with avocado, customers will be able to add the fruit onto any footlong for $1.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Recent and ongoing research suggests that people who cut calorie intake drastically, resulting in lower core body temperatures, could live longer.
[USA Today]

Despite New York State being something of an apple mecca, the Department of Education is importing applesauce from China for school lunches.

The food industry is hiring, with more than 63,000 jobs added since the beginning of the year and an average hourly rate of $11.72.
[ABC News]

A debate is raging in restaurants these days over the increasing number of servers who are going padless, preferring to memorize orders rather than write them down.
[NY Post]

A roundup of the 10 best tables in the city includes the Breslin’s booth no. 40, ABC Kitchen’s table no. 60, and Minetta Tavern’s no. 12 or 13 circular red booths.
[NY Post]

Ever wanted to stalk Ruth Reichl? You might be able to find her at Di Palo’s, Congee Village, El Quinto Pino, or Han Ah Reum Supermarket.
[NY Post]

Locavoric meat eaters can now trace their steaks all the way back to the farm from whence they came using DNA.
[DNA Info]