The Three Best Live Performers I’ve Ever Seen!


Yes, the new kids have a lot of sparkle and chutzpah, but they don’t yet have the seasoning to become the master performers I’ve personally handpicked for immortality.

The three greatest concert givers I’ve ever seen are:

*Patti LaBelle

A Patti concert is a religious experience, her fans worshiping at her throne as she gives, gives some more, and then squeezes out a little extra.

The woman is tireless, ageless, and filled with history, the gift of music flowing out of her veins as you bow before her in awe. She takes you over the rainbow with the drama of a tragedian and the voice of an angel.


He’s another giver of the first order.

Onstage, he sheds his quirky rep and simply goes for it, singing and playing with a fierceness that comes from pure love of music.

The man could bop around onstage all night, and you wish he would. Every night is 1999 when Prince is performing. If the doves are crying, it’s only for joy.

And of course …

*Bette Midler

Bette in concert takes you from A to Z and beyond, sweeping from breathless camp to heartbreaking ballads and back in a way that redefines range.

Even when redoing material from Lotte Lenya, Sophie Tucker, and the Andrews Sisters, it all amounts to Bette Midler, and it’s singular in its personality, wit, and sheer entertainment value.

She’s the best!