Woman Sues Chanel After Getting Ring Stuck on Finger


A woman named Rosy Mizrachi Gindi is suing Chanel in Brooklyn Supreme Court because while at the East 57th Street store she put a ring on her finger which wouldn’t come off, and had to go to the emergency room, where, after several hours, doctors were able to remove the $10,000-plus ring in some special doctor way without cutting off her finger or the ring or ruining it with a bunch of peanut butter. Embarrassing, perhaps, even extremely stressful, but a lawsuit? What sort of ring was this, anyway? One of those Chanel trick rings that the salespeople force you to try on and then laugh hysterically when it proves unremovable?

True story: One time we stuck our finger in a can of powdered toothpaste (don’t ask) and our dad had to finally cut off the can, and that was somewhat painful, not to mention scary, but did we sue? No, we did not. Of course, we were five, and there were no diamonds involved. But the Pepsodent company should really be glad we didn’t go there, then.

Good luck, lady, and stop putting your fingers in things that don’t fit. This goes for all of us, really. Unless we’re in the Chanel store and it’s a fancy ring that will impress all the doctors and we can make some cash by suing afterward.

Woman Sues Chanel After Getting a $10,000 Ring Stuck on Her Finger [Racked]