My Teenage Stride, The Hairs, And Pow Wow! To Headline Super-Poppy Seaport Concert Series


The South Street Seaport’s Sunday-afternoon Sound Bites series, an offshoot of the River to River Festival that launched last year, is back for a handful of free afternoon concerts at the Fulton Stall Market (South Street between Beekman and Fulton) on June 26, July 3, and July 10. Each show will be headlined by a different jangle-indebted band from New York City, which should serve as a nice complement to the heat and sun of summer; full lineup and videos for you to sample after the jump.

June 26: My Teenage Stride

“To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge”:

“Cast Your Own Shadow” (Live in 2009):

July 3: The Hairs

“Duh x 12”:

“Scabies Babies”:

July 10: Pow Wow!

“Still Only You”:

“Found” (Live in 2009):

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