Papaya King Goes Hollywood; Gluten-Free Baked Goods Improve


Papaya King has migrated to the West Coast. The 80-year-old hot-dog chain has opened its first location in Hollywood, selling hot dogs imported from the Bronx. [NY Times]

Daniel Boulud talks about becoming a brand and reinventing himself. “Now we are in the sandwich business,” he says of Épicerie Boulud. [Wall Street Journal]

With about 6 percent of the population not able to digest gluten, demand for tastier gluten-free baked goods has pushed bakeries to up their game. [NY Times]

A new exhibition called “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” opening later this month at the National Archives in D.C. will feature old food labels, film footage, and print food ads. [NY Times]

Burger King will start peddling new items to help boost slumping sales, including fruit smoothies, berry parfaits, and an Asian chicken salad. [Nation’s Restaurant News]