Richard Heene’s ‘Balloon Boy’ Saucer Can Be Yours for $1 Million


Here is something that you might want to buy if you have a lot of money just lying around and a deep appreciation for things pop culture and hoaxy that happened in and around the year 2009. The “flying saucer” that made Richard Heene and his six-year-old son, Falcon, infamous — remember, the little boy had, allegedly, flown away in the saucer, to the shock and horror of all of America, and we all had our fingers crossed that he’d be okay as we watched the saucer float onward and upward above Colorado, on live TV? Some of us even prayed! But it turned out that it had all been a hoax and the kid had been hiding in the garage the whole time, and that his family had actually put him up to it for a “TV show”? Then we got mad.

Yeah, if you have fond memories of that poignant time, you might want to shell out a cool million for that saucer. There are only six days left to bid! Doesn’t sound like anything you’re remotely interested in owning or doing? Well, it’s for a good cause, ostensibly. Heene and family will donate the proceeds to Japanese tsunami victims, he says. Of course, you have to believe him.

Here’s Heene gasbagging about the saucer.

May the lucky recipient of the flying saucer enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Dad behind ‘balloon boy hoax’ offers up flying saucer in online charity auction [CNN]

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