The 7 Best Todd English Quotes in Today’s Times Profile


Todd English has been taking a beating in the press of late. In a New York Times profile today, he gets to tell his side of the story. The article lists English’s current lawsuits:

“He is being sued by Resolution Pictures, a company based in Pennsylvania that did production work on his PBS show, Food Trip With Todd English. He is being sued by Dan Klores Communications, a company that did publicity work for him in 2008. He is being sued by Bestall Management, formerly known as Atlantic Talent Management, which was enlisted to assist Mr. English in hatching new restaurant deals.”

His response:

“All these are in negotiations for settlement — that’s what’s going to happen. I mean, it’s not like I’m not going to pay them.”

On playing catcher on the baseball team in college:

“It was great for my A.D.D. Because I’m sure if I was in right field, I’d be spacing out, watching the butterflies go by.”

On his skills:

“I was cooking octopus in 1990. … Nobody was.”

On his ambitious entrepreneurial nature:

“I turn down way more than I say yes to. We get approached daily. I wouldn’t do them unless I was psyched about them.”

On his failed ventures:

“It’s like losing a big game. You’ve got to look at what you did wrong and make it better, and not do it that way the next time. But you’re out there playing, man. You tried.”

On all the negative press:

“Unfortunately, when things go wrong, I’m the guy who takes the brunt of it. I take the bullets. And I’m a big, tough guy. But you know, I get tired of taking those bullets.”

More on that:

“Look, it’s uncalled for. If I were molesting babies, I get it. But I’m not. I’m a guy with a dream trying to make it all happen.”