Andre Reid, Aimless Man, Ends Up on LaGuardia Runway


A Mount Vernon man named Andre Reid gets the distinction of being called “deranged” by the New York Post for the stunt he pulled yesterday: The 21-year-old ended up down on the tarmac by a US Airways jet just before it took off from LaGuardia Airport. Reid was spotted by the plane’s pilot, just cruising “like he was taking a stroll in his backyard,” according to police. “That in itself is very scary — that he was able to get within feet of an airplane that was due to take off.” Reid couldn’t get his story straight and was charged with trespassing. The pilot got “spooked” and unloaded the whole plane, including luggage, resulting in a bunch of pissed-off passengers and an idea for a Tom Hanks sequel: The Tarmac.