Cocaine Comes In Drinkable Form Now


No more tooting it up your nose or — if your schnoz is overused — your other orifices.

This time, it goes right down the gullet — but don’t worry, it’ll still make your eyes pop!

Sorry, druggies, I’m not talking about actual cocaine.

As the warning label on the can states:

“This message is for the people who are too stupid to recognize the obvious.

“This product is not intended to be an alternative to an illicit street drug and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.”

It’s a “high-caffeine energy supplement,” OK, morons?

And if you still want to drink it, you might very well still be an idiot — though you might find it utterly delightful with your Morphine perfume and a Tina fish sandwich.

P.S.: I learned about this stuff at Daniel Nardicio‘s Sh*t Show last night, where Robbyne Kaamil and Bianca Del Rio guzzled so much Cocaine they looked like the Lohan clan.