Jeffrey Ritter Arrested in Sexual Assault of 85-Year-Old Upper East Side Woman


Jeffrey Ritter, if he’s innocent of the crimes he’s accused of, is not faring so well in the court of public opinion this afternoon. The 32-year-old was charged with robbery, sexual abuse, and a criminal sexual act in the attack of an 85-year-old woman Monday on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and spent his walk of shame today shouting in handcuffs, “I didn’t do it,” to reporters. “Yeah, fuck you with all your cameras,” he added.

The woman was grabbed on the street on Memorial Day before 6 a.m. and dragged onto a stoop, where Ritter is accused of forcing her to perform oral sex and stealing her ring. Ritter was recognized from surveillance footage, thanks in part to his tattoos, which include a New York Yankees logo on his face.

Cops are still searching for a second attacker who struck nearby, while downtown has its own problems.