Karl Lagerfeld Gives Another Kooky Speech


At last night’s Gordon Parks Awards Dinner and Auction, called “Celebrating Creativity,” no one was celebrating more creatively than honoree Karl Lagerfeld, who has livened up almost as many of my nights out as Courtney Love.

With his silver ponytail bopping and his shades proving as impenetrable as his accent, Lagerfeld said that he knew of Parks’s work before knowing exactly who did it.

The German-born icon remembered seeing Parks’s photos in Life magazine when growing up, “but in those days, people were not looking at names of photographers, especially children.”

Whatever the case, Lagerfeld said he was honored to accept the award, “but I’m a little ashamed. I consider myself lazy.”

Then his voice accelerated like a Preakness pony, and I have no idea what he said after that — something about moving forward, ever forward, followed by a really quick “thank you very much” and a fashionable exit.

The net effect was very mature Ken doll via Zoolander, all on a diet plan.

Anyone think he should tour with Donatella Versace?