Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords to Reunite; Tornadoes in Massachusetts; Custody Battle Over Pit Bull Thrown in Trash Chute


• Space Shuttle Endeavour landed in its final mission yesterday, which means that Mark Kelly, its commander and the husband of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, will be reunited with his wife. He’ll see her late today in Houston, where she has recently had a plastic implant and shunt placed in her head, allowing her to remove the helmet she’d worn to protect the site of the gunshot wound she sustained in January. “She’s really excited (to see him),” said Pia Carusone, Giffords’s chief of staff. [Politico]

• While New York was spared, Massachusetts was hit by tornadoes last night, the first in three years to hit the state. Four people were killed in the Springfield area. [NYT]

• A suspect in Monday’s sex assault on an 85-year-old Upper East Side woman has been brought in for questioning. He’s 22. NBC NY reports that an arrest has been made. [NYP/NBC NY]

• Manhattan’s former Gouverneur Hospital, which is now a medical center, outpatient clinics, and nursing home, has not had air conditioning in 9 days, and the A.C. won’t be fixed until Saturday. [Fox]

• A custody battle is brewing over the one-year-old pit bull, Patrick, found nearly starved to death in a Newark trash chute. Now the animal hospital where he’s been recovering and the Associated Humane Societies, who found him, are both arguing to keep him — the humane society wants to take him to a zoo for abused animals, while the hospital wants to keep him until he can be adopted, possibly as soon as July. A New Jersey judge will hear arguments today. [NBC NY]

• Inevitably, we have the Battle of the Anthony Weiner headlines. (Weiner’s Pickle?) Weiner’s wife, for her part, considers the whole thing “befuddling.” [NYP/NYDN]

R.I.P.., the Cosby Show‘s Grandma Huxtable, a/k/a actress Clarice Taylor, who died of heart failure at the age of 93 in Englewood, New Jersey. [MSNBC]