Was Weiner’s Weiner Really His Weiner?


Congressman Anthony Wiener — who’s married to Hillary’s old handler, Huma Abedin — still contends that the Tweeted shot of his bulging crotch is not his.

Probably. Maybe. Not sure.

Though he admits that “there are photographs of me in the world, yes.”

But whether it’s him or not, he didn’t send it. He was hacked, remember?

And he didn’t call in the cops to find out who hacked him because he didn’t want to make a federal case of it, and besides, he hired a private law firm to look into the whole thing.

My guess as to their findings: “He was hacked!”

At least the whole engorged circus has provided lots of hilarious sound bites, most notably this one that Weiner served to the press corps:

“I’m sorry I was a little stiff yesterday.”

A little????