Woman Hit by Subway at Lexington Line 77th Street Station (Updated)


In a sad story on Wednesday afternoon, a young woman was reportedly hit and killed in the 3 p.m. hour by a northbound train at East 77th Street, DNAinfo is reporting. The details as to what exactly happened are not exactly clear yet; ABC News explains that she fell onto the tracks after fainting from heat, while DNAinfo reports that the woman either fainted or had a seizure. DNAinfo also writes that although officials claim that the train was a 6, passengers say it was a 5 running local.

Update: 8:56 a.m.
It has now been reported that the victim was a 21-year-old Bronx resident, Fatoumata Diallo. Diallo’s sister told NBC New York that the young woman, a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College, recently had been suffering from fainting spells, and had fainted two other times in the last three months. The Daily News talked to Diallo’s cousin, however, who said Diallo’s fainting was not a “recurring thing.”

“She fainted a couple of months ago, but we weren’t sure why. Everyone thinks it’s the heat,” Marrie Diallo told the Daily News.

New York City Transit spokesman Kevin Ortiz confirmed to the New York Times that the train that hit Diallo was in fact a 5 making local stops. After the accident trains were rerouted, but service on the line returned to normal by 7 p.m.

Originally posted Wed., Jun. 1 2011 @ 5:57PM

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