Ample Hills Runs Out After Four Days; Brooklynites Scream for Ice Cream


Just four days after scooping its inaugural ball of ice cream, Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights is already closed. Don’t worry: It’s not because it’s going out of business. On the contrary, the completely from-scratch creamery couldn’t keep up with business. Blame it on the hot, muggy weather we’ve had, if you must. But we know the real culprits are obsessive foodie yuppies, compelled to flock to whatever new artisanal, locavoric indie food purveyor sets up shop (with the right amount of buzz and cred). It happened to Mile End, with its instantly popular Montreal smoked meat; the restaurant couldn’t stay stocked past 2 p.m. in the early days. Ample Hills is the latest victim of its own success.

The Times‘ City Room blog is reporting that the ice cream shop ran out of 130 gallons of its homemade ice cream by last Saturday night after opening last Wednesday. Owner Brian Smith is already planning a grand reopening for early next week. And he’s hiring the manpower to make sure he can make it through the week.