Hello, Hello Kitty Rosé


It’s summertime! Which means rosé season has officially begun. And what better way to celebrate the advent of warm, sunny days than with the one and only Hello Kitty Brut Rosé? When we chanced upon it at our local liquor store, Bowery & Vine (269 Bowery, 212-941-7943), we obviously had to buy it. Seriously, how could you go to a liquor store and not not buy it?

At $32 it’s certainly not cheap, especially for a novelty bottle. But on the plus side, it came with a nice little Hello Kitty wine pendant that doubles as a bracelet for small-wristed tipplers, so really you’re getting two gifts in one here. And telling people that you’re drinking Hello Kitty bubbly is surely a gift unto itself. Right? Yes.

The wine is made from 100 percent Pinot Nero grapes and had a nice fruity aroma and a dark pink color. And, shockingly, it didn’t suck! In fact, it tasted like a pretty typical rosé; a decent amount of body, fragrant and floral, but not sweet.

Would we buy it again? Eh, probably not. There are cheaper rosés out there, and if we’re going to spend $30 on a bottle, it probably won’t be this one. But the pleasure of getting drunk thanks to Hello Kitty was totally worth it. Now all we need are Hello Kitty cigarettes!