Museum of Natural History Wants You to Help Name Its Dinosaur


Another day, another naming contest for an animal with a Twitter account, and this one’s not even alive. The American Museum of Natural History is trying to name their Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis. The sauropod is part of the museum’s World’s Largest Dinosaur exhibit (which, by the way, we dig) and is 60 feet long, with 30 of those feet belonging to her neck.

The museum has rolled out all the social media stops for this dinosaur. She tweets with the handle @Giant_Dino, and has struck up conversation with @SUEtheTrex in Chicago.

After soliciting suggestions for a name for the Mamenchisaurus — who, it should be noted, does not appear as a skeleton in the exhibit — the museum is now holding voting on the finalists. Drum roll please…

  • Brook
  • Neckita
  • Mei Mei
  • Tiny
  • Mame

These might be worse than the suggestions for the Bronx Zoo cobra. We’d like to just disregard “Tiny” immediately, since that’s been done. As for the other names, the museum has provided some helpful explanation for the otherwise boring Brook “(the first Mamenchisaurus fossil was found by a river in China)” and Mei Mei “(mei means beauty in Chinese).” If we have to choose from this list, we are partial to “Mame,” with the hope that it’s not just a reference to MAMEnchisaurus, but is also a nod to Angela Lansbury.

(Side note: We kind of like @SUEtheTrex‘s suggestion, which is not on the list: Breakfast.)

Voting ends this Sunday, and the name will be announced Tuesday.


Update: Mame is the winner!