New York City Time-Lapse Video Is Just Corny Enough


The New Yorker points us to the above clip this Friday afternoon, and admits that while the Times Square area “can be a dispiriting neighborhood,” it looks really good on camera. Especially in fast motion! Josh Owens, the video’s creator, even made it down to the Voice‘s own Astor Place, and then he added the sort of dramatic music that makes New York City seem mythical.

It’s a little hokey, but the work is impressive:

To make the video, Owens spent the first month and a half of spring staying at eleven different Manhattan hotels, shooting from their windows and roofs for around twelve hours every day, weather permitting. (Lodging was free — in return, Owens is letting each hotel use the footage shot from its property.) His only real obstacles, he told us, were wind, snow (in April!), and people on the street.

Living in New York City and not getting emotionally trampled requires a delicate balance between cheesiness and cynicism, but sometimes awe wins out.