Nicola Roberts’s “Beat Of My Drum” Makes A Transcontinental Bid For The Song Of The Summer Title


Nicola Roberts’s former mate in the British hit factory Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, is somewhere licking her wounds over being sacked from The X Factor. What better time, then, for Roberts to release an absolute banger of a single? “Beat Of My Drum,” produced by Diplo, sounds like somebody created a track after listening to a bunch of 45s playing at once at maximum volume and wanting to channel the jolt of that experience into one song—it’s part Go! Team, part Spice Girls, part “Run The World (Girls),” and all sugar-rush thrill. Listen after the jump.

(Oh, and a million billion apologies that the embed is from noted internet troll and blog-ruiner Perez Hilton. Blame the at-the-moment-unbridgeable divide between British pop and the focus-grouped parts of the American public–the official YouTube upload is blocked in the States, and the versions illicitly put up there by people looking to evade the copyright robots are pitched to infinity. C’mon, labels, don’t be beholden to one of the worst things to happen to the Internet since the tag!)