Todd Bieber, Tweest Man in Town, Plants Illegal Brooklyn Garden


Todd Bieber seems like a really swell guy. He’s the same Brooklyn man who, over a two-month period earlier this year, found a roll of film shot in Prospect Park during a blizzard and conducted a search, complete with YouTube videos, for its rightful owners. (He found them in France, because of course he did.) In this new clip, he’s back cuter than ever, growing an illegal garden in a neglected patch of dirt in Brooklyn.

Bieber, as “Vigilante Gardener,” gathers his friends to pick up trash in the middle of the night and illegally replace it with plants at Eighth Avenue and 5th Street in Park Slope. It’s all very This American Life — both the content and storytelling style — but he pulls it off.

If he doesn’t get caught, he wants to give the vegetables he grows to someone who really needs them. Someone saint this man! “Feel free to stop by and water it if you’re in the area,” he notes.