You Are More Likely to Get Laid on a Wednesday


In a very important undertaking, Christian Rudder of OkCupid and Nate Silver met up to talk about various dating — okay, let’s call it what it is — sex statistics, because everyone loves statistics that help them have sex. OkCupid being OkCupid, they’re very good at figuring out these dating (sex) realities based on all the data people share in their profiles. So Silver asked which days of the weeks and times were the best to “meet someone in a bar.” Interpret the subtext (sex) for yourself! The New York Times has the scoop. Sexy!

Analyzing daters in New York, Boston, and Washington, Rudder found out which singles prioritized casual sex and which would sleep with someone on a first date, as well as which considered themselves extroverted and adventurous. Based on that data, he found that most of these progressive folks preferred to go out and mingle on weekdays as opposed to weekends, and that “the mix of people out on Wednesday nights are the friskiest,” which people getting “friskier” as it gets later. Silver then cross-checked the details with some Manhattan bartenders, who agreed that Wednesday and Thursday are the nights for lovin’ — but then, so is Saturday, and possibly even Friday, Monday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

What have we learned here? If you want to get laid and are committed to your cause, you should probably go ahead and try every day of the week, for efficiency’s sake, even if Wednesday is, technically, Hump Day. Report back and let us know how it goes.

Wednesday Night Is All Right for Loving [NYT via The Awl]