Anthony Weiner’s Laundry Guy Questioned By Creative Reporter


In order to leave absolutely no stone unturned in her coverage of the Weinergate story, CBS 2 reporter Marcia Kramer hoofed it to Anthony Weiner’s Queens laundromat to find someone who could shed some light on the infamous gray undies in the dick shot. Here’s Kramer’s exchange with the man who may have touched the underwear in question:

Kramer: “Have you ever done a pair of underwear like that for him?”

Man: “I don’t know, too many things, so I don’t know.”

Kramer accosted a number of people besides the proprietor of the Forest Hills laundromat, including a gentleman named Steve Katz, who told her that “The thought of my underwear spinning in the same machine as that creepy looking guy does rather creep me out.” Sir, they wouldn’t be spinning in the same machine at the same time, I hope, so don’t worry.

In a departure from her performance on Thursday, the intrepid Kramer avoided anyone calling the cops on her. But we’ve still learned nothing definitive about the underpants. When, oh when will we have answers!