Florida Couple Almost Repossesses Bank of America’s Furniture


Last year, Warren and Maureen Nyerges, a retired couple in Naples, Florida, were hit with a mistaken foreclosure lawsuit by the Bank of America (remember, it’s the Bank of Satan). They had paid cash for their house in 2009, no mortgage, and thus no grounds for a foreclosure suit. The bank dropped the case but never reimbursed the Nyerges for their attorney’s fees.

Yesterday, their lawyer and a couple cops went into the local BofA branch and threatened to start taking furniture unless the manager cut a check for the $2,534 in lawyer’s fees right then and there. It worked!

Their lawyer, a badass by the name of Todd Allen, said before entering the bank: “I’m leaving the building with either cash, a check or a whole lot of furniture.” Allen had tried to wheedle the money out of the bank to no avail; long story short, things degenerated to the point of Allen having to “stride” into the bank with “two burly Collier County sheriff’s deputies,” a moving company waiting outside to take BofA’s stuff.

The moral of this story is that sometimes, you apparently have to threaten the bank in order to get anything done. After meeting with Allen’s posse for an hour, the branch manager wrote the Nyerges a check to avoid the embarrassment of being repossessed by those whose house he had wanted to repossess. Then Allen and the deputies rode off into the sunset, never to be seen around these parts again.


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